• Airlines69 0.0%
  • Department & Discount Stores77 0.0%
  • Gasoline Service Stations752.7%
  • Health & Personal Care Stores792.6%
  • Hotels75-2.6%
  • Internet Brokerage802.6%
  • Internet Retail78-4.9%
  • Internet Travel771.3%
  • Specialty Retail Stores802.6%
  • Supermarkets781.3%
Airlines69 0.0%
Ambulatory Care821.2%
Apparel79 0.0%
Athletic Shoes811.3%
Automobiles & Light Vehicles83-1.2%
Breweries81 0.0%
Cellular Telephones762.7%
Computer Software76-1.3%
Consumer Shipping842.4%
Cooperative Utilities832.5%
Credit Unions853.7%
Department & Discount Stores77 0.0%
Federal Government66.1-3.4%
Fixed-Line Telephone Service745.7%
Food Manufacturing81-2.4%
Full-Service Restaurants811.3%
Gasoline Service Stations752.7%
Health & Personal Care Stores792.6%
Health Insurance73+1.4%
Internet Brokerage802.6%
Internet Portal & Search Engines76-3.8%
Internet News & Information73 0.0%
Internet Retail78-4.9%
Internet Service Providers65NA
Internet Social Media68-1.4%
Internet Travel771.3%
Investor-Owned Utilities771.3%
Life Insurance832.5%
Limited-Service Restaurants80 0.0%
Local Government70.4+1.9%
Household Appliances80-1.2%
Municipal Utilities76 0.0%
Personal Care & Cleaning Products83 0.0%
Personal Computers79-1.3%
Property & Casualty Insurance81+3.8%
Soft Drinks84 0.0%
Specialty Retail Stores802.6%
Subscription Television Service683.0%
Televisions & Video Players85-1.2%
U.S. Postal Service772.7%
Wireless Telephone Service722.9%

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CFI Case Management

Creating satisfied customers is more than just providing great service. It requires an understanding of the entire customer experience involving all the channels that touch your customers and responsiveness to customer needs.

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