Latest ACSI Data

Airlines 74.0 ▲ +1.4%
Hotels 75.0 ▼ -1.3%
Internet Travel Services 79.0 ▲ +1.3%
Cooperative Utilities 75.0 ▼ -2.6%
Investor-Owned Utilities 73.0 ▼ -2.7%
Consumer Shipping 78.0 ▼ -3.7%
Department and Discount Stores 76.0 ▼ -1.3%
Gas Stations 74.0 ▼ -2.6%
Health and Personal Care Stores 77.0 ▼ -2.5%
Internet Retail 80.0 ▼ -2.4%
Specialty Retail Stores 78.0 ▼ -1.3%
Supermarkets 78.0 ▼ -1.3%
Banks 81.0 ◄► 0.0%
Credit Unions 81.0 ▼ -1.2%
Health Insurance 73.0 ◄► 0.0%
Property & Casualty Insurance 81.0 ▲ +1.3%
Life Insurance 80.0 ▲ +2.6%
Internet Investment Services 79.0 ◄► 0.0%
Financial Advisors 80.0 ▼ -1.2%


CFI Group measures customer, citizen, and employee satisfaction using its patented, cause-and-effect methodology that is recognized for its superior precision, diagnostic approach, and linkage to financial results. Add in our expert consultants to uncover powerful insights, user-friendly online tools, renowned benchmarks, and over thirty years of experience and it’s easy to understand why CFI Group continues to be the go-to source for customer satisfaction measurement and consulting for U.S. federal government agencies and businesses of all types.

  • PATENTED TECHNOLOGY: CFI Group is a founding partner of the American Customer Satisfaction Index® (ACSI). We are the only company within the United States licensed to apply customized ACSI methodology in both the government and business sectors.
  • EXPERTISE: Using top research experts and the patented technology, CFI Group uncovers the operational drivers of customer satisfaction for businesses and federal government agencies.
  • ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS: CFI Group delivers customer, citizen, and employee insights and analysis that improve satisfaction and drive organizational performance.
  • LONGEVITY: As one of the first CX measurement companies, CFI Group has been monitoring the customer experience since 1988.







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