89% View Websites as the Primary Way They Interact with Agencies – February 15, 2018

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89% View Websites as the Primary Way They Interact with Agencies – February 15, 2018

A new CFI Group report shows that government agencies face a key challenge in delivering a satisfying website visitor experience.

ANN ARBOR, Mich., February 15, 2018 –U.S. government websites make up a dynamic vehicle by which the U.S. government provides Americans with access to government services and information. According to a new Government Websites 2018 report by CFI Group, 89% of Americans say government websites are the primary way they interact with federal agencies.

Despite the wide use of government websites, many visitors are still unable to complete their desired task when visiting a government website. One in ten visitors say they were not able to accomplish their intended task on a government website. Millennials and mobile phone visitors appear particularly stumped. Seventeen percent of Millennials, and 18% of mobile phone visitors, are not able to finish their tasks on the site.

To deliver a more satisfying government website visitor experience, the report offers three recommendations:

45% visit simply to browse for general information

The most common purpose people have for visiting an agency’s website is to simply browse for general information. Forty-five percent of government website visitors say they go there primarily just to browse the site. An agency would do well to focus 2018 website efforts on improving the navigation and search experience for visitors.

64% use their mobile phone to access the internet

Visitors are increasingly using mobile devices when accessing government websites. Sixty-four percent say they use their mobile phone at times to access the internet. For government sites specifically in 2018, 18% of all agency site visitors use a mobile phone, up from 16% in 2017 and 11% in 2016. Agencies should ensure that the site is optimized for the growing number of mobile visitors.

51% of those who contact customer service first try to resolve their issue using the agency website

Agencies should offer chat support on the website via the contact center. Analysis from CFI Group’s upcoming Government Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2018 report shows that 51% of those who reach out to the contact center first try the agency’s site. For the 51% who try the site, just half say that the site offered a chat service. And for those who have a chat option, a full 82% attempt to use the chat service before calling customer service.

Agencies also should view the website as a means for reducing contact center call volume. As government websites improve to provide better self-service capabilities for visitors—particularly for mobile visitors—contact centers will experience a reduction in calls, which is a relatively high-cost method for responding to citizen inquiries.

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