Peak Season is an Opportunity for Retailers to Accommodate Big Spenders

Retail Report: High Customer Expectations for Online Tools, Agent Interaction, and Loyalty Personalization
August 2, 2018
New Report: Customer Online Shopping Expectations Set by Top Retailers
November 9, 2018

Peak Season is an Opportunity for Retailers to Accommodate Big Spenders

A new retail report by CFI Group and Radial shows that online retailers should understand Big Spenders, customers who spend $500+ annually online with expectations for a smooth, well-integrated experience.

ANN ARBOR, Mich., August 2, 2018 – A CFI Group and Radial survey of 500 online retail customers shows that Big Spenders make up 39% of all retail eCommerce customers. These Big Spenders represent significant revenue for retailers, but retailers must be prepared to deliver a great experience for Big Spenders even as traffic surges during peak season.

“Scaling for peak season can be challenging for retailers,” says Robin Gomez, Director of Data and Analytics for Radial. “Retail operations must be scalable to accommodate the large bursts of activity experienced during peak season, while delivering an experience that meets the high expectations of today’s sophisticated online shopper. A clumsy online experience, delays in customer service response times, or inadequate customer support options can have a severe impact on sales and customer loyalty.”

Retailers must understand Big Spenders and prepare to meet their expectations in three areas: an intuitive website experience, live agent interactions, and agent account access.

Big Spenders have high expectations for the online experience. They think that they should be able to handle the basics of eCommerce without the need to interact with a live agent.
For example, 61% of Big Spenders expect that an online order can be placed without needing to connect with customer service, compared to the 42% of Small Spenders who expect unaided eCommerce order placement.

Big Spenders expect to conduct common eCommerce activities independently without any difficulties. Only when they face an issue that is complex do Big Spenders prefer to interact with a live agent over an automated system.

For example, 50% of Big Spenders want a live agent over an automated system when resolving a billing inquiry, but only 16% prefer a live agent when needing help with placing an order.

Big Spenders are more experienced with eCommerce, so they are more likely to recognize
excellence in eCommerce customer service. Consequently, they tend to have high expectations
for the information and systems the agents can access.

For example, 83% of Big Spenders expect the agent to see a personal order history, compared
to just 58% for Small Spenders.

To read more about the Retail Report by Radial and CFI Group visit:

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