Contact Center Satisfaction Index (CCSI) 2017

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Contact Center Satisfaction Index (CCSI) 2017

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The global contact center market is projected to hit $9.7 billion by 2019, with CAGR of over 9%. For the US, there are roughly 3 million contact center workers, and almost 7,000 call center facilities of 25 or more employees. The industry is bolstered by ongoing innovations in technology and systems available to contact center managers that enables multi-channel service and support to customers.

Despite these advances, the primary driver of customer satisfaction with contact centers continues to be the personal interaction with a professional representative. To be effective, technology must work to enhance the rep’s ability to solve the customer’s problem, not to replace that 1:1 interaction customers demand.

The CFI Group Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2017 shows that customer satisfaction with the contact center experience has remained low since 2014. Analysis from a panel of 1,528 customers who recently contacted customer service highlights how companies can boost customer satisfaction by managing before, during, and after the contact experience:

  1. Pre-Contact - 63% try to resolve their issue before contacting customer service
    Companies can boost customer satisfaction and reduce operational costs by making online tools and mobile app resources available to customers.
  2. Contact – 80% call when contacting customer service, far outpacing email or chat
    By the time customers call customer service, they are no longer looking for self-service; they want to speak with a live rep who can help them quickly. Contact professionals who can deliver first call resolution, first rep resolution, and low call handle time are critical for ensuring a great customer experience.
  3. Post-Contact – 41% share their customer service experience with others
    Companies with best-in-class contact practices effectively engage social media posts by customers.

Companies that can manage all three phases of the contact experience can boost overall customer satisfaction.

Download the full report for more information.

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