Empowering Contact Center Representatives

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August 24, 2017
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August 23, 2017

Empowering Contact Center Representatives

by Stefanie Morrison | August 24, 2017

Contact centers should empower representatives to have the training, information, and authority needed to hit the critical metrics of first rep resolution, first contact resolution, and customer satisfaction.

Despite many advances in contact center technology, the primary driver of customer satisfaction with contact centers continues to be the personal interaction with a professional representative. For the technology to be effective, it must work to enhance the rep’s ability to solve the customer’s problem, not to replace that one-to-one interaction customers demand.

By the time customers call customer service, most have already tried self service. They now want to speak with a live rep who can help them quickly. Contact professionals who can deliver first rep resolution, first call resolution, and low call handle time are critical for ensuring a great contact center experience.

CFI Group's Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2017 report measures customer satisfaction (CCSI) with the contact center on a 0-100 scale. 2017 results show that customers are demonstrably more satisfied when they resolve the issue with only one rep and on the first call.

CFI Group’s ACSI-powered technology calculates the relative impacts of the drivers of satisfaction. Our modeling shows that empowerment of the reps is a top driver of contact center customer satisfaction.

The Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2017 report looks at factors that influence the satisfaction of those contacting the customer service and provides executives with insights into where to invest those improvement efforts.This is the ninth year CFI Group has conducted an extensive study of customer satisfaction with contact centers using the proven technology powered by our patented customization of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). All survey panel respondents had contact with customer service within the previous 30 days. This report analyzes the aggregate set of respondents across the mix of industries measured.


The CFI Group Contact Center Satisfaction Index 2017 report shows that customer satisfaction with the contact center experience has remained low since 2014.

Analysis from a panel of 1,528 customers who recently contacted customer service highlights how companies can boost customer satisfaction by managing before, during, and after the contact experience.

Companies that can manage all three phases of the contact experience can boost overall customer satisfaction.

CFI Group can help your business develop a contact center customer experience measurement program that will strengthen customer relationships and build your brand. See more about CFI Group's solutions for Contact Center Satisfaction.

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