Renowned International Retail Brand Doubles Online Sales

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January 31, 2017
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January 31, 2017

Renowned International Retail Brand Doubles Online Sales

A renowned international retail brand with UK headquarters was able to attract high traffic to its online channel. However, its main challenge was to decrease dropout rates and increase conversions. The brand engaged CFI Group to find out what matters most to their online shoppers and identify key areas of website improvement to enhance the online user experience.

CFI Group worked closely with the brand to understand the connection between online customer satisfaction and their behaviours, both for those who transacted online and those who dropped out.

CFI Group’s predictive science revealed that improving customer satisfaction with the technical aspects of the website (i.e. speed of page loading, search functionality and website layout) by 5 points, would increase the likelihood of customers purchasing from the site by 3%. CFI Group also highlighted that the operational aspects like online range and stock availability were the next set of priority areas for this brand to meet customer expectations, followed by the cosmetic enhancement of the website.

With a series of technical improvements to the website, the brand saw a steady increase in customer satisfaction across the following year, which was also reflected in the improved online conversion ratio. The brand saw online sales more than double over the following year and by the end of the year an increasing number of customers opting to shop online instead of in-store.

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