Using our expert research analysts and a patented customization of the ACSI, CFI Group
can help you uncover and improve on the drivers of customer and employee satisfaction.


Using our expert research analysts and a patented customization of the ACSI, CFI Group can help you uncover and improve on the drivers of customer and employee satisfaction.

Why CFI Group?


If your customers are more satisfied, will your business be more profitable? Sounds simple, but the answer is “Yes.” Higher customer satisfaction leads to repeat business and future recommendations, which, in turn, have bottom-line impact. But, there’s a catch. The only way to leverage and improve customer experience is to start with the right way to measure and understand it.

CFI Group’s Products and Services are based on the methodology of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), which is the only measure of its kind proven to predict financial results.


Employee satisfaction is a proven indicator of an organization’s success. It reduces turnover and absenteeism, and also has a positive relationship with customer satisfaction.

CFI Group applies the cause-and-effect techniques of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to help measure employee satisfaction and determine which elements of the job experience will affect future employee behavior. Our consultants will help you target your efforts to maximize desired future behaviors, from lowering employee turnover and absenteeism to any other metric that drives your firm's success.


CFI Group applies the proven scientific methodology of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to help your organization measure feedback from your website visitors and understand the connection between satisfaction and behaviors. Satisfaction is not an end goal. Rather, the goals of your website are to drive sales, build loyalty, increase engagement with your brand and attract new customers'.


Measuring customer satisfaction is critical to any successful call center, but satisfaction scores alone don’t necessarily translate into clear action. The contact center satisfaction measurement solution from CFI Group offers measurement, results, and customized analysis to prove the value of the contact center to the entire enterprise, putting metrics to work for you.


The need to talk with customers to uncover issues salient to them has become increasingly obvious. What has not become obvious are the techniques needed to uncover such issues accurately and in depth. CFI Group’s approach uses qualitative one-on-one customer interviews specifically designed to cover issues identified as relevant by management personnel as well as allow customers to voice their opinions, concerns, and desires which might otherwise be left unknown to government executives.


CFI Group brings a rich history of market research expertise to its clients. Many of our staff members have over 20 years of market research experience and are eager to help clients leverage our methodology and technology in a tailored way. The CFI Group team of professionals will help you identify the particular customer experience insights your business needs to boost its performance and then design a custom research program to deliver them.


Developed in partnership with STRATMOR Group specifically for mortgage companies, MortgageSAT provides direct, actionable buyer feedback. Drive retention and referral rates higher by truly understanding how borrowers view your mortgage process./p>

The MortgageSAT platform delivers borrower feedback directly to your front line managers 24/7. Got a problem? Find out immediately so you can begin recovery as soon as possible. Thinking longer term? Predictive models, powered by ACSI science, give you the confidence to act.

The Power of the ACSI

As founding partner of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), CFI Group is the only company within the United States licensed to apply customized ACSI methodology in both the federal government and private sectors. Using our patented technology and top research experts, CFI Group uncovers the operational drivers and impact of the customer experience.

With this proven methodology you can:

  • Understand how satisfied your customers are today, using a credible and time-tested system.
  • Quantify the impact of satisfaction on your customers’ intent to buy from you again, choose your brand over the competition, and recommend your company and products to others.
  • Predict the impact of service and product improvements on customer experience, loyalty, recommendation, and other metrics with bottom-line impact.
  • Prioritize improvements based on a credible metric so that you make investments where you’ll realize the greatest ROI—in customer experience, loyalty, sales, and other areas vital to your business.
  • Benchmark against other leading organizations and established customer satisfaction indexes.

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