Retail Report – May 2017

Customer Feedback: The Critical Factor in Benchmarking Websites
June 6, 2017
Are You Ready for the Self-Serve Era?
May 30, 2017

Retail Report – May 2017

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What Makes an Online Customer a Repeat Customer?

As the growth of technology rages on in today’s online marketplace, retailers have the opportunity to harness its many benefits to provide shoppers with cutting-edge customer service tools, a variety of fulfillment options and the ability to connect directly with customers. The key for retailers is not to implement every feature and offering that new technology affords but to understand how consumers want to shop, transact and connect with them in the modern fast-paced environment of online shopping.

Radial and CFI Group recently surveyed over 500 online shoppers to measure their preferences surrounding methods of connecting with retailers, fulfillment options, specifically buying online for an in-store pick up, and the effect of transactions mistakenly identified as fraudulent. The resulting feedback equips retailers with the knowledge of what matters most to customers and the effect experiences, both good and bad, are likely to have on the goal of turning customers into repeat customers.

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